I have been shit recently, but mostly because i though nobody cared.

September 26, 2009

Any way, i here is a bunch of stuff i’ve saved up:-

Not really a frenzy but still good.

VERY determined man

An excelent concept of future living

John has this fairly often

Nice idea, if you stuck for money

Really awesome massive picture, check out the actual URL

Not sure why i’m bothering with this one, it’s a boring pool robot.

I haven’t heard this but the little write up makes me want to listen to it.

Keep fucking that chicken on the news


2 Responses to “I have been shit recently, but mostly because i though nobody cared.”

  1. Dan said

    Brill links.
    We saw ‘keep fucking that chicken’ on the Daily Show, they did a piece about it. It’s a bit ‘go fuck yourself, San Diego’. isn’t it?
    Look at the woman’s face when he says it.

    Gay panic is insane and should be the name of a nightclub. I’m typing smaller comments because we’re doing these in a block and Claire’s been up ages and I’ve just got up and she’s grump-hungry for breakfast.

    Very cool underground idea, bit like we used to talk about on cold smoke-nights in Salford. You’d go mad and enemies would block up the holes.

    Inedia annoys me so much I was to kill that woman and then get a rogue scientist to do a public DNA test on her corpse to show everyone that her DNA has two strands like everyone else and explain really well that it has to. Then on whatever it is that marks her grave, I was a double helix etched on it, writ massive and have food piled around it every day.

    That city/village picture truly is very impressive and must have taken ages to draw with you feet with crayons, Rob. I would totally choose to live in the village as I’m sure the rest of you would.

  2. jizzy said

    future living one is what I have said we should do for a long time,

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